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My Memories At Chatterbox

Date Friday, 19th February 2020

Satoki Nakaya

I have been studying at Chatterbox for more than eight years. I’m so sad and disappointed I’m not going to be able to continue learning English at Chatterbox. But all I have learned there has given me fantastic memories, for example, games and literature.

To begin with, I had a great time studying there. I not only studied English but also math, science and social studies. I played Scrabble, Monopoly, Crazy8, Seven. I played various kinds of games with Ms Aretha and my friends in Chatterbox. Scrabble was the most exciting game in particular. It is a board game where we create vocabulary from 7 letters. You have to use knowledge and strategy in order to win the game. Whenever I beat Ms Aretha, I thought I was smarter than Aretha and I felt confident.

Reading English literature was a relaxing and satisfying way to learn the language. Harry Potter, Artemis Fowl, Of Mice and Men, Pig Heart Boy, Romeo and Juliet. All the literature I read taught me about morals. At first, I didn’t have any interest of English literature. However, the more I read with Ms Aretha, the more I became interested in reading many kinds of books. It’s a shame I won’t be able to read, Remains of the day with Ms Aretha because I have to study for entrance exams, but I will try to read this book by myself.

Some of the most amazing experiences I had at Chatterbox were Halloween parties, Christmas parties and so many other events. I remember the time when I was an elementary school student, I made a ‘creepy box’ for the Halloween party, sang Guy Fawkes chant, and danced. As a senior, I volunteered to help the younger students at parties and saw some adorable children dancing, playing and singing. At first, I felt nervous because I was afraid I would be able to take care of younger students. But in the end, I was proud that I was able to help younger students in English.

This was not my only achievement. I was particularly proud of having passed the Pre-1 EIKEN exam. All I have is good memories of Chatterbox. I will never forget what I have learned here.

My Precious 8 Years At Chatterbox

Saturday 3rd March 2018

by Wakako Endo

One little girl crying terribly and one teacher in a classroom …

This was the day I first met Aretha. I was 3 years old but I clearly remember that day. A few years later I would meet the same teacher, Aretha, again. And so it was, I started going to CHATTERBOX ENGLISH SCHOOL.

In class, I played games, made crafts, read books and talked. To me, not studying, more like play. As I got older, I started learning to write, first a dairy then later, essays about daily news. Sometimes the topics were difficult for me but I didn’t stop thinking about them. I researched about the news both, on Japanese and English websites. I enjoyed discussing the topics from every category with the teacher and other students. I learned so many things, not only English but also science, cooking, and geography. I love Aretha’s lessons so much. And I could use many things that I picked up in the lessons. For example, I have been able to help people who can’t speak Japanese right here in my home city many times. 

Where I worked part time, there were many tourists visiting from abroad. Some of them couldn’t speak Japanese so I could support them. Though there were English-speaking visitors from China and so on, no other staff, including regular employees, could communicate with the tourists. I was surprised. Everyone had studied English at school but no one could use it. Thanks to my experience of speaking English constantly in class I’m not afraid to talk in English.

In high school, I got high marks in English tests. My friends often asked me how to improve their marks, but I couldn’t quite explain the way, because I remembered English through conversation. But the biggest challenge of my school life was going to England by myself. I took part in a summer school at the college in London at my teacher’s recommendation. There were many teenagers from all over the world. On the first day I talked to some students but I couldn’t make friends and ended up I crying in my room. I worried that I wouldn't cope till the end of the program. But I decided I wouldn’t give up. I talked to as many people as much as I could. I found that conversation with people whom I didn’t know was, in fact, fun. In the end, I made lots of friends, and I still keep in touch with them now. I gained a valuable experience through my trip.

A year after that, I went to Kansas City. I found a flyer about an international exchange program at my high school. I made the quick decision to apply for it. I passed the interview and I spent a great time with my lovely host families. I wouldn’t have applied for it if I hadn’t gone to England by myself.

I have studied at CHATTERBOX for 8 years. I wasn’t always a good student who does their homework every week. I have regrets a little for not doing everything my teacher asked, but I learned so many things and I think I was able to grow up.

I’m going to go to Keio University from this spring but I will never forget the days I spent at CHATTERBOX ENGLISH SCHOOL. I’m looking forward to meeting more people and learn new things so that I can grow up further. I haven’t decided my future job but I hope I play an active part in shaping the world.


Dear Aretha,

Thank you for your support for 8 years. I cannot thank you enough. You have a great sense of humor and you are so affectionate. You’re always thinking about the students and devise different ways to teach English. I really enjoy talking and studying with you. You share your own viewpoints clearly and your way of thinking has stimulated my mind. I respect you not only as my English teacher but also as a woman. You mean a lot to me. I’m glad to have met you. I’m lucky to have been taught by you. I promise to keep learning, and next time I see you, I will show you how much I have developed.

I love you.

All Stars


Syrian Refugee 


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